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Max current in/out of LinkPlus ECU? -need to extend wiring harness.

Ryan Simmons

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I need to extend the wiring to the ecu by about 2 meters so i can re-locate the unit inside the cabin, I dont really have time or patience to test the impedance of every single wire connect to the ECU so i would just like to order a couple of reels of wire of one size thats man enough to handle more Amps than the Ecu is likely to see. What gauge wire would be ideal to use? or better still, what is the max current (A) the ecu is likely to see? If i was to order a reel with a max current handling of 8.5A would this be enough?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Ryan, 

The current draw of the G3 ECU is very small, most of the time you are talking hundreds of milliamps. With extending the wires the main thing to look for is that your GND cables do not have excessive resistance. Cable capable of carrying 8.5 amps should be fine.


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