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hey who ever i just bought a second hand link ecu + h/c. is the WRXROADR 775 190104 1.) will performance tuners install and tune this? or is it too old? 2.) Will they have the PC cables and be able to tune it with the link program? 3.) If it has to be done via the hand controller does that take lengthy time will cost me fortune so to say? 4.) Any other info on this device would be awesome Cameron

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If you want a really fast response I suggest a phone call or talk to one of our dealers. Email is also often faster response than the forum.

To answer you questions.

1a) Most will probably suggest the new G4 range as being much better but will still work with the old units.

2a)It will depend on the tuner. If they have been with us for a long time then they will have all the gear. It will pay to check with whoever you are going to use.

3a)Hand controller is more time consuming and I would suggest PC as a better way to go with this unit.

4a) The manual can be found at this location http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g1-engine-management-documentation/MY99Manual

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no it does not plug into a v8 wrx  it would need to be wired in   and then it will not control the variable valve timing.  I would suggest you purchase a G4 pluggin for this it will fit into the factory ecu enclosure and give you full control of the engine as well as allow extra inputs and outs



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