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CAN Streams Turbosmart BlackBox


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We are in the proces of adding fresh air antilag to our car using the Turbosmart EALV with the BlackBox controller.

Has someone already created the CAN streams for the Fury G4X for controlling this?

Many Thanks,

B-Shine Motorsport


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I found some information for it here: https://www.turbosmart.com/wp-content/uploads/instructions/TS-0305-1001_datasheet/062106325592.html

based on a quick look at it you would need to transmit on CAN ID 272 (0x110) at 100Hz.
Assuming you are using the ECU boost control function you would put "WGate DC" in Byte 0/1 as a 16bit number with a multi of 10, div of 1 and offset of 0.
Assuming only one EGate leave bytes 2&3 empty.
I haven't read the manual enough to know what pass through is but at a guess it looks like the area targets are a linearised against area where the pass through targets are based on % of valve lift so most likely leave these empty.

with the 2nd CAN ID (0x111) I would say don't transmit this one.

TurboSmart CAN 2.PNG

TurboSmart CAN 1.PNG

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