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G4x E36 M50 Stroker Stalling Issues


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I have been working on my motor build for close to a year now and finally have the car running. Car idles OK with the base map, but running into stalling issues immediately after giving some revs. Reading through some other forum content, I made changes to some of the idle control settings, but so far haven't been able to resolve the stalling issue. MAP and TPS have been calibrated. Also worth noting that the car will not start when engine is warmed up without applying and maintaining light throttle.

Vehicle background:

-M50b25tu bored out to 86.6 mm; Mahle 11.2 CR pistons

-S52 crankshaft

-Schrick 256/264 cams installed with stock cam blocks (no retard/advance)

-M50 intake manifold

-Lightweight flywheel

-Pink top Bosch injectors

-Active Autowerke headers, Y-pipe, and mid pipe... stock muffler


I'll post my base map, as well as a few logs to help troubleshoot. The car idles fine as long as I don't touch the throttle, but as soon as I do, when the revs come down, they seem to drop very low, and the car stalls out. Car will remain running if throttle is held at >1000 rpm or so.


Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!


Thank you,



E36_M50_Stroker_Base_Map_MB.pclx E36_M50_Stroker_Light_Revs_Cold_MB.llgx E36_M50_Stroker_Revs_Stall_MB.llgx E36_M50_Stroker_Engine_Restart_Revs_Stall_MB.llgx

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It would be a guessing game without any lambda/AFR reading... but it would be mostly lean as it stalls after touching the throttle.
Get a lambda controller connected and configured in the tune file.

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essb00 is correct about the lack of AFR, but you also idle at roughly 950 with an IAC output duty cycle of 45 but your base IAC output duty cycle is set to 33.... you need to raise the base to match what it actually needs when idling properly. (Idle Base Position Table)

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