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CAN output questions

Taylor O'Brien

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Hi I am looking to drive a digital dash, and would like to send it my fuel level sender reading via a spare analogue input.

I would possibly also like to send fuel temperature also, however thats not as important.

I see in the CAN setup the interface seems to be set up to allow you to select inputs to be sent over CAN, however it is all greyed out and only lets you load a lcc file.

Any Idea when we will be able to create our own lcc file? or is someone at link able to generate one for me?



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Hi Taylor,

This is not possible on the Link range of ECUs. The selectable CAN inputs is a feature of the premium Vi-PEC range of ECUs. 

The generic dash file is all that is able to be loaded on the Link ECU.

Which digital dash are you looking to use? A lot of the aftermarket dashes also have analog inputs, so you could possibly connect the sensors directly to the dash.


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