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Modifying EVOLink base-map for larger injectors?

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Rather than moving all the MAP values down.

You can get things close by adjusting your master fuel value.

This will shift all your fueling values to allow for the bigger injectors.


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I am having a deeper issue which i may have to call you guys about tomorrow (couldnt get it fired today). Basically (bearing in mind i have only just realised i should be using the map that came with pc-link not the one on the ECU) the problem is that I cannot get the ECU to fire the main relay, and hence its reporting a low-battery condition. whenever i connect pc-link it complains 'ECU Hold Power Active: Engine has been shut down', it will not turn the relay on at any time, nor will it attempt to fire the injectors, ever. it does however have spark (which doesnt cease when you stop cranking, despite 0rpm) If you could offer a solution would be absolutely brilliant. I am using the map that came pre-programmed on the ECU, I will download the EVO-5 base-map that came with pc-link before attempting another start tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.

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Are you using a plug in EVOLink G3 or a wire in jobby?  ECU Hold Power is the function that the ECU uses to control the main relay.  This allows the ECU to keep the system powered up while it resets the idle stepper at key off.  If you are using a wire in ECU, then you must wire this correctly using a diode as per the instruction manual.  If you are using a plug in ECU then it shoudl all just work.  You must have DI6 set to ignition switch and have a working ignition switch signal on DI6 also.  The ECU type can be found in PCLink's help menu.  Make sure the ECU type is a EVOLink 1-8 G3 if it is plugged directly into an EVO.

If the car isn't an evo or doesn't use an idle stepper, then turn ECU hold power off as it will cut the engine from starting...

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