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Re: Link g4+ not getting trigger signal

Mike Morrow

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Hi all, this is doing my head in, any help would be appreciated, I have just wired a g4+ into a s15 with a rb26 in it, everything works good, injector test, ignition test, aux outputs etc all work as they should, but I have no trigger signal, I have it connected as per diagram on here, am I forgetting to do something in the setup? 360 opto is selected, or is my cas faulty and is there any way to test it? any help would be great. thanks


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Hi hopfully that'l be it! it does pop up with a locked message when i first connect to the ecu, but everything is active though, just didnt think to much of it as iv wired g4s in before with no troubles, my first g4+ though.

And everything that isnt being used is set to off.

Who would i get the code of to try unlocking it? i brought the ecu though STM so im guesing they should be able to give me the unlock code?

Many thanks

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