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FuryX aps(main)/Sub tracking error

K24 B110

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Hey Guys, I've got my k swapped datsun running and idling, but running into fault code 77 APS(main)/APS(sub) tracking error. I'm running a tilton pedal box with a variohm sensor and I've check the wiring from pedal sensor to harness. Also checked continuity from throttle connector on the harness to the ecu to confirm everything is pinned correctly and it is. I really don't know where to go from here. I even bought a new variohm sensor hoping the first one was possibly defective, but nothing. Currently when I calibrate the aps there is movement in aps(main), but absolutely nothing in aps(sub). Also the movement I do see in aps(main) goes from 5% aps to 100% aps. It literally does not see anything between 5% & 100%. On the bright side at least I have a spare now. I'm stumped on this and its the only thing hold the car back from being able to hit the dyno. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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The voltage on your APS sub only snaps between 0.25 & 4.72V, the APS main sits at 4.72V all the time.  

The XPD-2832-812-214-911-00-EFI isn't suitable as a pedal sensor, this is a TPS sensor with the two outputs designed to cover two different mechanical ranges (for cable driven throttles that may move clockwise or anticlockwise).

So I think currently you may have the sensor positioned where it is not working over the correct mechanical range for either sensor.  


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