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PS150 Variohm Sensor


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Howdy All,

What is the correct calibration for the Link (Variohm) PS150 Fuel Pressure sensor in the G5 software (running a WRX104X)? I don't see a specific option for this sensor, unless I am just missing it. Any help is appreciated.


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Hoping someone could help with a fuel pressure discrepancy I am experiencing. I have a mechanical gauge on my FPR mounted directly into the body. Manufacturer (Radium) claims +/- 2% accuracy. I have the Link PS150 sensor mounted on the fuel line directly before it feeds into the regulator, so they are just a couple inches apart. 

I see a ~30kpa difference between the two (gauge reads around 200 kpa while the sensor reports ~230 kpa) at idle with reference line hooked up (similar without reference). The calibration I used for the sensor is the '1000 kpa TI Sensor' cal shown earlier in this thread. Which one should I trust? If the sensor is off, once I switch to modelled, everything will be off. 

I have attached a photo of my FPR setup. Sensor is to the left, on the feed line to the regulator. 


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Does that gauge have a vent on it?  I cant see it in the picture, but I wouldnt trust it if it doesnt have a vent.  Usually there is a little rubber plug that you poke a pin hole through.   

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The gauge does have a vent, but it is oddly located on the bottom. I had initially vented it, but that was in the winter. I pulled the plug again and everything is much closer now - within ~5% of the sensor reading.

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