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Any base map to Direct injection? VAG?


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Hi!! I have a KTM Xbow and I would like to start with it...

But the injection configuration, is my limitations

Are you working in some base map for DI engines in the next months? It will help to sell more units of this Voodoo ECU's.


Thank you.

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Which engine do you have? Quick google shows the RS3 uses the Bosch HDEV5.2 which we have the current and voltage data for. The RS3 high pressure fuel pump we don't explicitly have data for yet but a quick scope with a current trace will show it's peak and hold current values.

You will also need to measure your high pressure pump cam lobe shape and find the angle of the top of one of the lobes relative to tdc of cyl 1 when cam is in it's rest position.

Hardware wise we have 4cylinder box on the way with built in fuel pump peak and hold driver but I don't have any specific timing as to when this will be available to purchase.

I would also assume that the XBow has a CAN bus system which will need reverse engineering so that we can replicate what the factory ECU transmits and receives.

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Thank you for the reply, the engine is the same that a VW GOLF MK5 BWA E113 engine.

About the CANBUS, I don't have problem with it, because it don't has ABS, I want to put a Link dashboard and keypad etc.

And with the fuel Pump, yes I need to know what hardware I need to drive it..



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