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G4x S2000 plugin - Sensors (AEM, GM IAT, ETC..)

HC1 Racer

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I'm getting ready to install my S2000 G4X ecu and before I do I want to add some sensors. I currently have the AEM x series oil pressure gauge (# 30-0307). Also adding a GM IAT sensor.
So far I have the Link CAN Lambda kit and a CAN splitter. I was going to add the Link CAN gauge on one connector and the CAN Lambda on the other off the CAN splitter.
That leaves me with another CAN port off the ECU and the expansion ports. I see that I can buy the XS expansion loom #XSL (101-0106) to add sensors to the expansion ports. What should I be wiring the AEM oil pressure sensor to off the ports/loom? 
Should I just cut the oem IAT plug and splice/extend the two wires off the factory harness to the new GM IAT in the intake? Or should I have the GM IAT wired to the expansion loom?



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I have my IAT wired via my MAF plug and it works like a champ. I think it is generally much easier to wire your sensors to unused factory inputs rather than routing new harness. The IAT is even easier in this case - if wired to correctly to the factory MAF IAT, all you have to do it give it the correct calibration. 

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