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Drive with old tune?


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Hello, I have an evo 3 with a pnp and recently I made a new exhaust manifold and noticed that the old owner hadn't installed the valve seat to the wastegate. And now after the new exhaust manifold and with the spring seat, I have a much better spool. I have about 1.3 bar at 4000 rpm vs 1.3 bar at 6500 rpm. 

Now to my question; Can I still run the old tune or will it be bad? I know it will not be optimized and I will do a retune sooner or later with new cams. But can I still be safe and sound doing some spirited driving? I also newly rebuilt my engine with the same specs would that matter? All advice is appreciated! :) I've done one log and will share my tune. I will share it on my Google Drive because the file was too big. 

My Google Drive folder:


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I would not drive it hard until the tune is confirmed as safe.  If it never made boost at 4000RPM before then that region of your ignition table would never have been tuned so it couldn't be assumed to be ok.  Your ignition table looks a little aggressive for a 4G63 in my experience and there is no knock control setup so I wouldnt risk it.  

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