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Spark stopped

Daniel Feck

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Hi.  Daniel Feck here.  I'm new to Link's but have been pottering with other ECU's for a while.

Problem car is Nissan GTiR now fitted with sr20ve+t controlled by LinkPlus with GTiR Link adapter (ignition dizzy based).  Spent time today tuning it and am happy with the tune now.  While making some changes to the accell enrich around idle/cruise it stalled and was hard to restart.  Checked and found no spark.  Once it fired it ran straight away and I could carry on.  The engine was turned off and restarted half a dozen times or so and ran really well on the road, but after getting it home it won't start again.  There is no spark, and I'm trying to find info on how this ecu works so I can diagnose whats going on.

During cranking PCLink registers approx 200 rpm, and the fuel/spark map cross hairs move around as expected.  The tacho in the dash flicks as though there are ignition events happening - but there is no spark.  The odd readings (to me) in PClink are: 0 deg advance, between 0-2% injector pulse width, and 220 deg inlet air temp (there isn't an IAT sensor).  In the diagnostic window the cyl event happens, but no sync event (sorry can't remember the exact names - I can't open that window without plugging into the ecu - and can't reach the ecu from here on the couch by the fire).  I don't know if a sync event is meant to happen because its a dizzy ignition.  Because 0 deg advance is showing I think the ECU isn't firing the ignition, rather than faulty igniter-coil-etc.  I just don't understand why it isn't yet.

Have tried using jumper leads incase voltage during cranking is too low, without success.

Any advice on where to start would be awesome.  .pcl file attached

Thanks, Daniel. 


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Don't think the fault is ECU now.

Started off today trying to fault find starting at the dizzy, and on through the system.  Couldn't find any problems and when everything was put back together the damned thing started up fine. It glitched a couple of times on the road today, and just by chance it fired again as soon as the ignition key was wriggled.    We'll work on that first and see how we get on.


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Hi Daniel,

Because PCLink is registering RPM I believe your triggers are reading ok.

Next time the fault occurs try checking the following:

# Voltage to ignition coil

# Voltage and GND to ignitor

# If spark is coming out of the HT lead from the coil. Hold the distributor end of the lead close to an earth (like your engine block) and see if a spark jumps the gap. If yes, then the problem is in the distributor cap, rotor, other HT leads or spark plugs.

If you find no problems in the above you will need to check the ignition output from the ECU, this really needs to be done with an oscilloscope.

Good luck,


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