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2GR trigger mode help


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I've been reading through some old posts about errors getting 2GR triggers to work with a G4+ 
I am using a G4+ Xtreme on latest firmware version. 
Trigger 2 is set to the LHS bank intake. 
I've added 1k pullup resistor to trigger 2, and 2.2k resistors to the other 3.
The motor started up nearly first pop which was great. 
However, it seems like it must only be running in wasted spark mode / batch injection currently. 

I saw in an older post that the trigger decoding only works when set to falling edge for trigger 2. 
However on my setup, trigger 2 only works and the engine only fires up, if I have the motor set to rising edge trigger 2.

Some of the posts about trigger decoding and which bank to put trigger 2 on were a few years old, so I'm not sure if anything's been changed in the meantime. 

When I trigger 2 set to rising edge, and put into cam test mode. 
I get the following numbers.

I couldnt seem to get any of the DI based triggers to display and sensible values yet.


Just looking for some guidance on whether I'm heading down the right path or not - Do I just need to set trigger 2 to falling edge, then try find an offset value that lets the motor start? 

When I have the trigger set to rising edge, it seems like I can adjust the value through 720 degree range, and then the Inlet LH position value jumps around a bit. But the motor still runs on any setting (as I suspect its in batch fire mode and ignoring the trigger)

However I've not yet found any offset for falling edge mode that will let the motor crank up. I'd have thought it just ignores the trigger like it does for rising edge mode.

Note - This engine is a 4GR, a smaller version of the 2GR but its triggers are the same.

I've attached tune file and trigger scope. Thanks.

4GR setup.pclr 4gr trigger scope.llg

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Ahhh, it's now working on Fallling edge setting.

I took 360 deg out of trigger 2, so it's now set to -160 instead of 200 degrees. Then it fired up and I could set the VVTI trigger offset correctly without it jumping around. 

So it looks like it should be okay now. 


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Im pretty sure this trigger mode uses a count type sync so I suspect either rising or falling edge would work for trig 2 in terms of ability to sync and start.  The ecu just checks whether it saw 1 or 2 trig 2 edges in the last crank rotation (between the missing teeth).  Swapping from rising to falling would effectively inverse the count result so the offset should change by 360 deg.

I dont think the 2GR mode does a wasted spark start so if it is running, it is running direct spark and the offset is correct.  

For the DI's, It sounds like possibly the voltage level is not crossing one of the thresholds.  You can check what voltage is reaching the ecu by backprobing with a multimeter on the DI pin, and the engine not running, just pull a sensor out and place something iron in front of it to get both the high and low level.  From memory with G4+ it needs to go above about 2V and below about 1.2V.  


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