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G4 blue storm


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please simple question , using an old blue G4 storm ecu

i will use it to run V8 engine as wasted spark COP ,firing order 1 5 4 8  6 3 7 2 

so i wire IGN 1 to cyl 1 & 6  , IGN 2 to cyl 2 & 8 , IGN 3 to  cyl 3 & 5 , IGN 4 to cyl 4 & 7

is that right?


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Provided you have both a crank and cam sensor, you could wire injectors in pairs like below, set injection mode to sequential.  This will give you what we call semi-sequential.  The injection events will then be more correctly timed with valve events, just 1 injector in the pair will fire 45deg earlier than ideal and 1 injector will fire 45deg later than ideal.  But still better than multipoint group mode where the injection events arent timed with valve events at all.   

Inj1 drive to Cyl 1 & 5.  

Inj2 drive to Cyl 7 & 2.

Inj3 drive to Cyl 6 & 3.

Inj4 drive to Cyl 4 & 8.

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We have the below waveform in our library for a M62, if your M60 is similar then this would work with the Cam level sync mode as the cam voltage is high during one missing tooth gap and low on the other.  


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