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fuel master switch

jay roy

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The numbers do not cross over at all between the G1 product and the G3's with the exception of ignition advance numbers to an extent.

You will need a way to measure the mixture.


   Master scales the overall fuel injection scheduling and is effective throughout the entire operating range from idle to full power.  Master is required as an overall trim to account for the size/capacity of the engine and the flow rate of the injectors.  

   Note:  Master should be adjusted before adjusting the zones in the Fuel Table.

   The value of Master is the injector pulse width (in milliseconds) that results if the active zone of the of the Fuel Table is set to a value of 100 and the manifold absolute pressure is 100kPa.  This does not include any other enrichments or trims.

   Increasing the Master value increases the injector pulse width and hence the amount of fuel injected into the engine.  However, changing Master DOES NOT change any value in the Fuel Table or any other fuel adjustments.  It is therefore possible to achieve the same tune with a smaller Master and larger Fuel Table numbers as when using a larger Master and smaller Fuel Table numbers.

   Note:  It is recommended to use a Master value which results in the rows in the middle of the Fuel Table having zone number values around 50 with the desired air/fuel ratios.    

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