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The default selectable options effectively have the cal table information embedded into the device. Then you just select that device as a pull down from the list.

Maybe you could be set so that this is how new sensors work too, that they get added to the pull down list under that device type.

The current process is along the lines of: (for example)
Select analogue Voltage 2 > select map sensor > select cal table 3 as the type

Then you go to cal table 3 and define the MAP sensor.

But then when adding another type of sensor, you might forget that Cal table 3 is already used, and select cal table 3 to define the 2nd type of sensor.

So I think it would be cool to replace cal tables with "Custom sensors" something like:

Go to the custom sensors menu.
Select add new.
Name the device
Pick the device type (map sensor, IAT, whatever)
Input/output type (So whether it's a digital input, analogue output, or whatever)
Pick the cal table type (2 point, non linear, volts, amps, whatever)
Enter the calibration data.

And then you never see that cal table again except for under the settings of that device.
And you never need to worry about mixing up the tables, because all you ever select is "Daves MAP sensor" or whatever.

I bought a G4+ Xtreme because I want to connect a lot of external sensors etc for datalogging.
Currently less than half of the pinout is associated with running the engine, which is exactly what I wanted.
The rest of the inputs/outputs are spare to tinker with as I please. So it seems odd that I've got more physical allowances for extra sensors than the software tables with which I can define them.

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