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【S15X Plugin】 engine coolant temperature is not read


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Nice to meet you. I am a newbie who recently installed LINK ECU.

I am having trouble reading the cooling water temperature.

The water temperature sensor is a genuine 180SX. As you can see in the picture, the analog temp is always 4.96v.
(IAT sensor is not currently connected)
The sensor has been inspected on its own and the resistance value is normal and seems to be fine.
I have inspected the wiring and there is no 5v voltage at the sensor connector, and furthermore, there seems to be no 5v output from terminal 18 (AN temp1) on the ECU.
I don't know if this is an incorrect ECU setting or if the ECU itself is malfunctioning.
Can anyone please help me with this?
I'm using translation software so the text may be strange.
This is a question from Japan.

スクリーンショット 2024-04-26 214444.png

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If it is showing 5V for AN Temp 1 in the software then you should also see 5V on pin 18.  

Can you do one further test to help diagnose:  

  1. Plug coolant sensor back in to its normal wiring.  
  2. Unplug ECU.
  3. Measure resistance between pins 18 & 21 in the ECU plug on the loom.  If the wiring to the sensor is ok you should measure about 2500ohms at 20°C



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