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Main tune differenecs (Fueling, ignition) between Group and Sequential injection.


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My engine is wired to run the injectors in sequential mode but it was tuned to run group, no real reason given by the tuner i.e. any issues with sequential vs group. The car will run in sequential with a noticable difference in power delivery on my but dyno. However there is issues with acceleration under medium to high load, there is a miss present at around 1500rpm. Also after the car is at operating temp I will come to a stop at the lights or whatever and the revs will stumble and drop to below 500 and if I dont take action the car will stall. Is this just a factor of fine tuning the idle values for inj and spark as well or are there other fundamental tune differences between group and sequential. Cheers

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Im assuming this is a G1 Linkplus.

On the G1 ecus there is little point in running sequential as the ECU crosses over to group fire at anything more than 30% duty cycle (light load, unless very big injectors) So any thing high power it will be running group mode anyway.

For the stalling at lights more adjustment of the idle hot value and maybe the overrun vacuume target.


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