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G4 storm Altezza 3sge


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The inputs are feedback to the factory system these are not used in our case.

The crank connects to trigger 1. It is a reluctor sensor and will need a ground to one side and the other to the trigger polarity is critical (toyota normally have all the ground common across all 3 sensors)

Trigger 2 should be wired to the intake cam sensor.

The exhaust cam is wired to a DI

The VVT control solenoids will need a 12V supply and an a signal from Aux out.


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No the 12 volt goes to one side of the solenoid the other side to an AUX out.

The DI is a signal in from the cam sensor.

On the TPS one wire is an on off switch which is not used.

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Hi Simon,

I need your help again.

When I turn on the ingition the fans turn on and stay on.

When I try to assign a aux out to whatever fuction requires a relay eg engine fan, fuel pump the ecu goes offline.

Any idea way? I checked my wiring and everything looks ok.


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To me it sounds very much like there are wiring issues.

The ECU should only disconnect if power to the unit is lost or if it gets noise on the usb cable.

Where are you based in the world?

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