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innovate lc-1 with link g4 storm

simon gardner

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hi guys im running link g4 storm and lc-1 wideband , i have grounded the lc-1 to the same ground as the ecu. when im looking at wideband on my laptop all the numbers move at the same time and the lc1 gauge matches what my laptop says.

 i have the lc-1 on factory settings afr . but the numbers on the gauge and laptop are moving from say 14.4 upto 14.7 then say upto 15.0 then back agin if you see what i mean  . is this right or should i change the voltage settings in logworks.

also the motor is running great , but when the numbers are jumping around a little i can hear that the motor is speeding up and slowing down just within a few revs , if you watch the rev counter carefully you can just see it moving.

im more concernd tho about the numbers moving up and down , from what iv read the gauge should be a little more stable that what it is.

any help would be greatfully received as i dont want to alter any ecu setting because if i turn wideband off the motor runs great ,

thanks in advance



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That depends on your ignition and fuel maps. If they aren't correctly mapped, the afr fluctuates. The crux is, that the engine gets much less torque when afr drops from 14.4 to 15, so rpm decreases until AFR rises again as well does torque. Try to map idle for 13.2:1 AFR, thats where torque doesn't change dramatically in either direction an look wheter the engine runs stable.  If it does, try to optimize your idle settings.

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many thanks for the response - i will try to map the idle to the 13.2.1 like you say , i forgot to mention that the car was mapped on the rolling road , but there was an issue with the idle speed control valve  , so all the cold start and idle values  has been sorted out by me ,,,reading asking questions and paying close attention to how the motor runs drives and feels etc. so far iv been lucky cause i do have some mechanical knowlege , but all this is new ground for me, so i maybe back with more questions if thats ok.....

thank you



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ok ...got the motor running today . upto temp then had aplay around , i have now got the idle as close to 13.2.1 as poss , the gauge just flicks around maybe with 1 or 2 numbers , but the engine is running lovely at idle very smooth and sounds very even no hunting around or anything . im just gonna let it cool down and see how things are tomorrow , but overall things seem a lot more stable indeed , and i just want to thank you for the advice , very much appreciated.

the motor in question is a toyota 1mzfe v6 , planted in an mr2 , so the last thing i need is a conversion that runs like a sack of spanners.......



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Great combination, my cars a SW20 Turbo.

Regarding idle: the 1mz should without doubt be able to idle smoothly at 14.7:1 (unless you have very aggressive cams and or itbs).... so here's how I'd try to set up idle:

1. Disable closed loop idle and wideband lambda

2. Unplug the idle valve connector

3. Warm up engine

4. Set up your fuel and ignition maps so that you have 100 rpm increments left and right of your idle rpm.

5. adjust fueling to 14.7:1 at your idle rpm and 100rpm above, 14.2:1 100rpm below

6. set your ignition timing to about 10° at idle and 15° 100rpm below idle and 8° 100rpm above

[explanation: if idle rpm rises, ignition is retarded, torque is lost an rpm drops, if rpm drops ignition is advanced and torque rises]

7. if theres any idle adjustment screw in your throttle body, try to adjust idle to about your desired idle RPM (1000 for 900 and so on...)

8. re-plug idle valve connector.

9. In idle rpm table enter the idle values you desire... In idle base position table adjust the value until you are as close do your desired rpm as possible

10. (optionally) shut down engine, let engine cool down, start up again, do #9 during warm up for every idle base position setpoint you pass.

11. under ignition enable idle ignition map (great feature!) and follow the steps in the help guide, works really great!

12. enable closed loop idle control, set derivative gain to 2 across the band, proportional gain to 2 and anti stall to 8. Works great for most toyota engines with solenoid idle control valves.

That should provide a stable and very smooth idle... actually I havn't had such a stable idle with stock ecu not to speak of less sophisticated aftermarket ecus....

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fantasic write up and explanation , i really appreciate that , i have had the 1mz running at 14.7.1 idle before i installed the lc-1 . but when i flicked the wide band on the revs were just a little unstable , but the motor was running 95 percent bang on .

like i say all this is pretty new ground for me , but iv really enjoyed learning this stuff , and im glad i have cause if anything goes wrong i supose you need to have an idea what to try.

when the car was mapped it made 220 bhp with 248 ft torque and it like  feels a quick car . all the mapping above  a 1000 rpm has never been touched at all , its just all the cold start stuff and idle setting which i just want right , then i will be happy . i will give all the above a try , and report back.

if there is anything else i need to have a go at i would really appreciate any input.

many thanks


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