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Link plus vs 850cc injectors

wayne lockwood

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Here is the map for the following mods: Fuel - Unleaded 95 + 0.5l Octane booster +6ron Water Injection - Aquamist 1s 50/50 water and methanol 850cc Deatschwerks Injectors FMIC Flowed heads - standard valves + cams ARP Head studs 1.6mm steel head gasket 2.5l 703 block Manley forged - 100mm pistons + rods all balanced ACL race bearing Nitrate treated 2.5l crank balanced PossumLink Plugin G1 ECU I am 1800m above sea level.

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Thanks for that. I just needed some confirmation that 850cc would work on this ECU. I have saved a copy of your log to show whichever tuner i decide to use (as I am new to this it doesnt mean a great deal to me), the only thing that I am aware of is that the fuel/air ratio must remain in check but I am not sure if that is shown in your log or not. Do you know what BHP you are pushing? Sounds like a beast!

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