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variable pwm?


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hi trying to set up my fan on my 1uz, Am running the factory hydraulic fan. Have tried unsuccsedfully to find a option to allow a variable pwm based on ETC. have been able to run it as on/off but would like to use  the fan a bit more seamlessly.

Also if possible to run another watertemp sensor in my water to air intrecooler  too allow control of fan if getting hot?

have fan set up on aux2. running g4 extreme.


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Hi guys

Didnt want to start a new thread as it was the same topic pretty much.

I am using a toyota hydro fan in a different car but with a G4 extreme and wondering how i am setting this up ?

The two wires off the hydro fan solenoid im assuming a not polarity dependant.

So one connects to the ecu and the other ? 12v switched ?


In terms of setting i understand there will be conditions that are set but what frequency and Timer settings would you recommend for the factory solenoid ? I understand the operating range is 5v-10v ? Where is the table seen that i can setup dependant on temperature ?


thanks in advance.

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ECU will be switching ground, Solenoid will have a 12V switched feed.

At 11ohms you will be fine without a relay as the current will be under 2amps.

You need to set a drive to GP PWM and then set the table up off Engine temp and one other parameter if you wish.

This is done through the axis setup.

Frequency is unknown as have not tried one inhouse. 




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Hi Simon

Thanks for the response.

So the polarity of the solenoid wouldnt matter ?
Since the last post i have found out that the solenoid is supposed to be a 5v signal.
So was looking into something like this for the 5v signal, - http://www.mrpositive.co.nz/dc-dc-3a-5v-6v-bec-voltage-regulator-with-aux-on-off-switch/
Or can i just take a feed off the 5v from the ecu (one for tps etc).

This is the same setup in some larger motors like lexus and 1uz soarer setups.


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Assuming it is a conventional solenoid then polarity shouldn't matter.

A solenoid being driven at 5V is somewhat unusual for an automotive application.

If it does need a 5V supply then a regulator would be required as the current need would be too much for the ECU 5V out.

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I've been trying to investigate this a bit too, and have wondered if when people are referring to 5v - or 5v up to 10v for the solenoid that they are actually misinterpreting what the PWM does, and measuring '5v' out of a PWM output and assuming it's a steady 5v signal where in fact it is a modulated 12v output that ends up being averaged out as 5v?

Maybe hopeful, there?

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Simon - hmm yes backs up what i was told as well about it being 5V.

Dan - Wow never thought of that, you could be right actually !
I spoke to ST Hitec as well and he reckons the same, it should be 12V but not sure.
So im leaning towards a relayed setup (solid state) and a 12V setup.

Mark showed me this - http://www.lextech.org/documents/1JZFanComp.pdf, so looks like its not polarity dependant.
Im going to use the old aux3 output that i had for the fan setup and change its settings as the wiring is already there. Just need to make sure the 12V supply is correctly switched.

Alistair - dude tell me more. What settings do you have for the pwm ? Frequency and timer and what made you choose them ?

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