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G4 GTRLink wiring schemactic help


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hi i got a couple of questions i need help with.

1.Is Aux 7 (CE light/Cat light) a ground trigger output? What i basically want to do is retain the factory dash warning light but also add an external warning LED in conjunction with it. Will this work fine if i bridge that wire to the ground of my LED?


2.On my link board in the expansion 5 slot it is labeled AnVolt8 however there is no mention of AnVolt8 in the installation manual.  Is it okay for me to hook up an analog input to this?



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Good morning Pat,

Your ECU applies GND to turn on your CE light, so if you want to add an LED you would wire the power supply and resistor to  the anode side of the LED and then connect the cathode side to the ECU (pin 32).

The ECU you have have uses a G4 Storm topboard, which does not have an AN Volt 8 input, so you will not be able to connect to this. The reason it is in the expansion connector is for ECUs which use a topboard with more inputs.



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