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how to set up internal knock with stock S54 bmw sensors G4X


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Good afternoon,

The main problem is that your engine has three knock sensors and the G4 Xtreme only has two knock inputs. You are probably best to use the front and back sensor only. Possibly someone who has come across this problem before may be able to offer further advice.

For information on setting up the knock control open up PCLink help, go to the index tab and search for 'knock control'.

Come back to us if you have anymore questions,



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Hi Jozef,

Unfortunately every engine is different when it comes to setting up knock, depending on firing order, knock sensor, etc.

You will have to work through the knock setup menu and configure each option to suit your setup. If you are not sure about a particular setting, right click on it and select 'Whats this' for help on that setting. If there is a specific setting you need more help with reply back.



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