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identification of older black link ignitor?


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I have one of the older black link ignitors and I'm trying to find out if it's a single, dual or triple channel?

There are no external markings apart from a part number on the socket

Are there any ways to identify one externally by the pins or any other means?   Do they all have 7 pins even though the wiring may differ?  Is there actually any difference between them internally?

I pulled the guts out and see there's a part number on the circuit board which has a 3 in it so I'm assuming it's a triple? (sorry didn't write it down).

Also, if the link ignitor has more channels than required, Is it normal practice to just wire it using the pins for a 1 or 2 channel ignitor?

Much appreciated

-Mark B

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It will depend a bit on the age of the igniter.

Most common back in the day the igniters were marked on the under side with a centre punc.

2 dots for a 2 channel and 3 dots for a 3 channel.

A 3 channel can be plugged in in place of a single or dual channel.

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ok that clears it up. It has one dimple on the underside near the plug. not what i was hoping for as it came with a v5 setup for 3tgte twinspark. I notice the circuit board is printed "LINK 1999 IGNX3" and has 3 of everything (resistors, diodes etc) but has only one transistor heat sinked to the housing. and it has 3 bolt holes for other transistors im assuming. so would it be correct to assume i can add another BUK856-400iz transistor to make it a dual channel? cheers

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