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6 cylinder ECU


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Yes please!

It would be wonderful if there was an ECU with 6x injector drives and 6x ignition outputs, and priced somewhere between the Atom and Xtreme.

This would be ideal for my project - converting a 1970s mechanically injected 6-cylinder Triumph to EFI.

I imagine it would also be ideal for a large number of RB/Skyline people?

[There are two groups of people driving mechanically injected 6 cylinder Triumphs - owners of saloon cars like mine worth about $3,000, and owners of TR5/TR6 roadsters worth about $20,000. The engines are all practically identical, and the mechanical injection is getting harder to maintain all the time. We are all nutters who like doing things to our cars! Several Triumph people are currently writing up EFI conversions online, most seem to be opting for Megasquirt and doing low budget junkyard style builds.
If there was a high-quality product e.g. Link with just the right number of cylinders, and not a lot of perceived as un-needed extra features, for a price somewhere between Atom and Xtreme,  that might sway a few people towards doing it with all-new gear?]

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Previously Autodream wrote:

we need to have a 6 injector driver ECU, because the Atom and the stom can't run 6 injectors using 3 outputs. who is with me on this?


The Atom or storm can do a 6 cylinder no problem you just have to run group fire fuel and run the injectors batched up in two groups of 3.


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