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Mitsubishi 380 AUS/NZ version


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Could someone please advise if a Link ECU product can be made to work on a Mitsubishi 380 with 6G75 SOHC 24 valve engine?

The stock ECU needs to be retained in the vehicle for controlling other aspects of the vehicle operation due to the CANBUS topology.

I need to know which is the best Link product to use (Extreme or Storm?) or other?

It needs to support drive by wire throttle, coil on plug, knock sensor and crank angle sensors etc.

This particular vehicle has a stock Bosch ECU that is unable to be flashed, so needs to be fooled.

The intended dual turbocharged application requires full spark and full fuel control.

Any advice or particularly any experience would be greatly appreciated.

I am keen to know what techhnical installation support Link can offer if a commitment to purchase is made?


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Good morning,

Technically it would be possible if you had enough time and money, it would not be an easy project. One of our dealers has tried piggy-backing this ECU/engine combination previously, he had the engine running fine, but could not resolve problems with fault codes.

Our ECU's do not have the trigger de-coding required to run the 6G75 with the stock trigger setup, so you would need to put an an aftermarket trigger disc on the front of your crank, and possibly need to modify your cam sensor setup also.

Your best option would be to use a G4 Extreme ECU with the external e-throttle control module.

We do offer support for technical problems you are having. You can reach us by phone and email. While we do have extensive experience with setting up engine management systems, we have not installed one of our ECUs into the application you will be attempting.



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Thanks for the rapid reply Scott, the coil packs need two silicon diodes in series to emulate the coil load of a darlington transistor, not resistors as in most cases...that gets rid of the fault codes...(having a MUT3 as I do helps)

You say the engine runs fine but the trigger setup is wrong?

(I thought if it starts then the crank angle sensor decode is fine?)

We may be talking about the same vehicle BTW...


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It sounds like you may be onto resolving some of the problems others have had :)

We do not have a trigger setup in our ECUs for the 6G75 unless the trigger setup happens to be the same as another trigger setup we already have. That is why I believe the dealer had an aftermarket trigger disc fitted to enable the engine to run.



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