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i have no idea what im doin..help?

jordan mccoy

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i bought a 98 subaru impreza rs with a 2002 wrx swap off of ebay. it came with the pclink already installed so i am new to it. it wasnt his daily driver so he had it tuned for most power, so it get about 10 mpg. im 16 and cant really afford that, so i was goin to change the air/fuel ratio to get more mpg's and change it back when i wanted to have some fun. is all i have to do is change the master and lower my boost.. have the equation i was just wondering if that is all that i would have to do and cah switching the settings back and forth damage anything

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In theory if its tuned correctly you can have the best of both worlds.

If driven hard it will be thirsty and if driven gently it should be ok on the gas.

Best thing to save fuel is to turn the boost down and get a full dyno tune.

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