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link g1 ecu board neons

steve whale

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hi , im currently getting no spark at the plugs, no power to the leads, and no power from the coil. i opened the link ecu box and notice that the main board neon is lit green, my serial link connects on com one and allows me to see and adjust(i havent )the settings within the link ecu,all looks normal. there is a small board set on top of the larger one i think it says sub 3sge,there is a neon on this ,which does not light ,is this normal?. reason i ask is that my engine cranks,i have fuel,which the injectors are spraying,i have checked with a noid lamp,which flashes once to show harnesses are powered. i have tried the coil and ignitor on my other mr2 turbo and both are working,which discounts either,which leads me to believe i may have a problem with the ecu could anyone please shed some light, many thanks steve

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I would be looking for a missing sync pulse. I would likely start by checking the contact of the sub-board to the main board. As this is an area that can cause problems.


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