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PCLink documentation gear selection


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Under: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Chassis and Body >

and then "ECU Calculated Gear Ratio Procedure"

It says:

3. Display the Runtime Values area of PCLink (Press Ctrl+F5), then select the tab labelled 'Digital Inputs'.  This will display the Gear Ratio Status (near the right hand side).

However it should say to select the tab called 'Misc' not digital inputs.

Not a big deal just FYI for next update to the documentation.

Also one other thing. I'm using Fuel table 2, and have the mixture map set to show table 2 also.
However when I first open it after turning the laptop on it shows Table 1, until I go to properties (which shows table 2 selected) and then select OK, then table 2 shows up. If that makes sense...

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Hi David,

Thanks for pointing this out. The runtime values window was altered, but the help was not updated to reflect this.

With Mixture Map when you re-open PCLink, does it show the "Mixture MAP (Fuel Table 1)" at the top of the Mixture Map window?

I've just tested this in our new version we are about to release and it says "Mixture MAP (Fuel Table 2)" for me when I re-open PCLink.

Which version of PCLink and ECU firmware are you using?


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