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rising spark edge setup question for a Caldina GTT

Roshan Abraham

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get my car (Toyota Mr2 with a Gen4 3s-gte from a Toyota Caldina) running using a G4 Storm.  It runs perfectly fine using the stock ECU (and wiring).  I've recently learned that my spark edge is rising but it's a0.5v square wave signal.  and that I need to ensure that the period it's held high is as short as possible if the ECU does not output 5v, (which I don't know if it does)... I'm at a loss as to how to configure thisappropriately.  any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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You will need to configure to falling spark edge for the toyota coils.

The ECU will then hold the signal at 5V while the coil is charging up (this is the dwell time) and then fires the spark when the signal pulls to ground. (hence spark edge falling)

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