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1Jz vvti on G4 Storm Not revving past 5K

Richard Bradley1436215368

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Hi to all... I have just fitted a wire in G4 storm to a 1JZ VVTi in an S13 Silvia... have the car starting and revving sweet until it hits 5000rpm then it just stops revving and backfiring...Will not rev past it at all on any throttle...Sounds very like a bad ignition misfire (lambda reading a bit lean too while its missing) Tried wiring in Nissan coils in case I had a bad coils but no different. Tried batching injectors differently too...At the min I have them batched 1 3 5 to channel 1 and 2 4 6 to 2....This engine has 1 Igniter and 3 coils...I have the coils batched 1 6...2 5...3 4. Checked trigger errors and Im getting NONE at all... Both crank and Cam sensors seems to be reading fine. If i switch VVT off the misfire seems to be a bit earlier in the rev range... Very strange problem...Just wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems and any ideas of solutions to my problem would be great...:) Thanks...

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If you are running a standard igniter then this will be the problem

one possible solution depending on firmware is to try setting ignition dwell to duty cycle i do not know if this will work and do not know what duty cycle it will require so some experimenting is in order or find someone with an oscilloscope  to scope a standard setup and work out the values

otherwise change the igniter and you will be away laughing



[email protected]


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