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Any danger a G3 will be password protected?

Chris Wilson

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I am a race car engineer in the UK and my experience is mainly with Motec, Syvecs and GEMS ecu's and logging. I have a customer road car coming in, apparently  with a G3 fitted. It was fitted and mapped by person or persons unknown, is there any danger I may find it password protected? Will the software quickly show if it has a wideband O2 sensor or a narrow band? Will the G3 data log?



Many thanks!

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Hi Chris

There is some chance as the option to lock the map did exist.

It can be reset by loading a unlocked map over the top or doing a reset to factory settings. The negative is the configuration of the I/O will be lost.

The G3 can only log through the PC.

If the MAP is not locked spotting a wideband input will be easy

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Thank you Simon, car arrived this afternoon, I have just downloaded the map from the ECU to my laptop, I'll have a look through it tonight. Obviously, in the end it wasn't locked, I was going to get the customer to send just the map, but he decided to bring the vehicle itself.

Am I right in thinking there's no direct input to a G3 for a wideband and it needs an interface box?

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