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Trigger setup on a 300zx z32 (VG30DETT)


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I got one of these and due to very unsteady rpm signal especialy on higher rpm`s i want to find another trigger solution.

Im thinking about a multitooth wheel on the crank balancer but i just need to figure the whole picture up front.

Now the triggertype is set to 'Nissan 360 opto' and i guess that sets the game for both the crank AND the cam triggerpattern.

If i install a multitooth disk on the crank i would select 'multitooth' in the triggersetup then set trigger 1 as reluctor.

BUT what about the cam sensor? if i still wanted to use the CAS as camsync signal i suspect the deselection of  'Nissan 360 opto' willl result in a ecu that dont know what the h... is going on. As the cas triggerwheel got 6 different sized slots i mean. Am i correct so far?

I`m starting to think i would need to change the CAS disk as well maybe to one like the AEM or Megasquirt makes which got only one sync hole in the disk. and set the cam trigger to 'cam pulse 1x'. On the right track here?

Also... If going with an 'external' crank triggerwheel would i just get a fully theeted one or one with a missing tooth ot two?

Anyone of you guys done this on a VG or maybe RB engine? any premade multitooth ring solution out there for this application? Know of anyone i should ask?

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Hi Steve

You have got most of it sorted and really good option going to a crank trigger.

If you are looking to run sequential fuel or Ignition then a cam sync is needed and it will need to be a single tooth / gap.

So no need for a missing tooth on the crank as this is only needed if you have no cam sync. But you will need the disk changed out to the likes of those you mentioned.

These are a good option for crank triggers http://blog.rossperformanceparts.com/category/crank-cam-trigger-kits/

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Thanks Simon.

Ross dont seem to have anything specific for the VG30 engine, but  sent them an email anyways to see if it was doable.

Im also in contact with ATI that is looking into making me a custom pulley.... Its gona sting though...

Ok so no missing tooth is requierd. Fair enough and i see why. On a car with a reliable synk signal that is.

How do the ECU go about this then? It sees a cam signal and starts to count teeth from there i guess? But on theese cars with the extremly sloppy signal from the cas. The cam synk will still be using the cas and it will still be as sloppy as before i imagine? So wont the ecu start counting at different points on every cycle and thus still make the timing scatter? If this is the case, are there not any way of making a missing tooth wheel work togetter with cam synk? Or am i just exagerating the whole problem. I know people with RB engines have relativly steady timing after a conversion.. Im just brainstorming here.

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With the sync on the cam it would need to move a long way before it was an issue. It would need to move one tooth or 15degs.

If you had massive movement you could have a missing tooth and use cam level for a trigger two.

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Either or but a disk would be easiest I think.

You want it to be open for 180deg and closed for 180deg giving a high signal for half a cycle and a low signal for the other half.

The gap on the crank is then in the middle of the high and low signals.

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