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Firmware failure


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Looking for some help, i decided to do a firmware upgrade, it brought up a box, asked if i wanted to update from 4xx to 49 so i pressed the y button. it said the ecu would go offline to carry out the upgrade then in the box it came up and said the usb was configured to the wrong com port - change and try again. so i tried but now there is no friendly blue light on the ecu and the searching icon flashes from green to red and wont connect. Is there something i can do or have i just made a paper weight? 

there still appears to have a 5v signal output voltage but engine wont run.


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Do you have a Dash connected to the serial port?

If so make sure it is unpluged at the ECU end.

Also check in device manager to see if the ECU is being recognised and if it is assigning a com port number.

I have also emailed you a link to some pre release firmware/software to try.

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