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Possum Link TPS

simon gottlieb

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Hi guys, ive been reading the manual on the v5-v6 possum link and have read about the TPS

I have checked my values against the ones in the manual and they differ alot

For TPS low I have 255 and for TPS high I have 61

I thought these values were supposed to be TPS low 10-20 depending and TPS high to be 100

I changed this to 20 and 100 but then when I have my engine running and my laptop connected in my runtime value screen it shows my throttle open? and also will increase my throttle position to about 40 on the runtime screen

If i change the values back to low 255 and high 61 it show throttle closed and the TPS will lower its value to 10 again 

Wondering what is going on here or do I just have to wrong understanding?



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You want the TPS position to read 20 - 100 the TPS High and Low numbers are the raw value the micro uses.

They need to be what ever is required to get the position correct at either end.

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