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subaru Legacy 2.5GT 2006 plugin

Andreas Karlsson

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Good day,

That's an excellent question. I'm not sure how soon the Link ECU Office will respond with insight based on their work experience for the given applications discussed. However, what you can do in the mean time is complete some verification work between the ECU pinout for the desired plugin solution and the OEM ECU pinout for the Subaru Legary 2.5GT. If you open up the PCLink software, select the help menu and then open up the wiring information option. This should launch a new windows called ECU Tuning Function Online Help. Within the new window, select contents and navigate to G4+ Plug-in ECU Installation Manual then expand pinouts. Within pinouts you should be able to see the various pinouts which reflect the pin configurations for the plugin ECU. If you have the OEM ECU pinouts for the Legacy 2.5GT you should be able to complete a cross reference which will intern validate how exact the compatibity is going to be. Worst case scenario, you may have to move a couple pins around to make it a direct solution. Or, if push comes to shove, you can either build your own OEM ECU pinout based on your work with a DVOM and an oscilloscope for which you will then match up with the pin arrangement for the desired plugin ECU. Some of the more recent plugin ECUs (application dependant) have two XS connectors available with more inputs and outputs at your disposal and this should be of great assistance for your efforts.  

I hope this helps you in the mean time, cheers!

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