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Igniter wiring bmw e30 link lemv5e

Liam Taylor

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hi am having trouble with the igniter wiring on a bmw e30 m20 2.3 6 cyl 

we plan to use three of the original siemens 1705 607 single channel igniters with three dual post coils in a wasted spark configuration and also are using an m50 crank angle sensor as opposed to the original system with distributor

another problem is there are more wires than shown in the bmw wiring diagram ? these are marked on the igniter as t.d and s we are assuming td is tacho drive.

i cannot find any information as to where these extra wires go as all igniter pin outs only list what is drawn in the pic

i have attached a pic of the original bmw setup 

any help appreciated. Thanks 


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You are going to need to change to another igniter type.
This sort that you have is geared to control the dwell and is not compatible with being driven from an ECU.
I'm assuming you are using wasted spark coils?
If you wanted to retain single channel igniter the J121 igniter of early 90's mazdas could be used.
Or we can do a 3 channel for you.

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