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2JZ ICV wiring problems

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Hello everyone...:) Im having trouble with an ICV on a Toyota 2JZ. We have wired it to Aux 5 6 7 8 Wired as follows: Aux:5..........ICV pin: 4 Aux:6.......... 1 Aux:7.......... 6 Aux:8.......... 3 Did not work... So we tried it the opposite way around...Still no good. Tested the ICV as toyota themselves suggest by earthing the pins in the order above. the stepper is moving but the Storm doesnt seem to be controlling it at all??? Having to jack open the throttle just to get it to idle. have I got the pins totally wrong or is there something else I am missing Its a 6 pin Stepper motor...2 middle wires are +ve Thanks...:)

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