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Vl Link problems

Jason Clements

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Hey new to this forum, So im not sure if im in the right section. Ive got a VL turbo with a Link ecu supplied and fitted by AVO, Recently I tried to upgrade the ecu to the 3 bar map sensor and chip, supplied by LINK, the first chip that was sent out was belived to be faulty, Link have been good enough to send a second chip but it does the exact same thing. After around 5 seconds of running, the injector pulse dies, and the only way to get the pulse back is to turn the ignition off and then back on again. This is only with the 3 bar chip's, the standard 2 bar chip doesnt have a problem at all. Sorry for the long post but its doing my head in, and Im really restricted by the ecu now and has cost alot of money to find the problem it causing, but cant find an answer, hopefully its something stupid. Cheers Jason

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Hi Jason. Best bet is going to be to bite the bulit and upgrade to the LEMG3 and Adapta.

However if you get the ECU with the upgraded and standard chip back to us (Link NZ) we can take a look on the bench and see if we can find any thing.


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