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Fault in PClink?

Matt Dunn

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I have just downloaded version 4.2 as when our car was at the tuner he updated the firmware in it, so we had to update our version to be compatable, which is no problem. Loaded it in as per normal, Opened up PClink v4.2 and click on help, then version information, and that is as far as it gets, doesn't bring up the info, and jams that version of PClink. Can open it, cant close it, cant do anything except restart the laptop or Ctrl+Alt+Del and close it that way. All the other parts of the laptop still work while it is jammed, can open PClink v3.4, acess the net etc etc, just that one program jams. Is it something I have done, or is is the program. Anyone else have this program, and do they get the same fault, or does Link have any suggestions?

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