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IAT pin to use: STI V6 with PCB v1.2

Sylvain Bourgault

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I will install my newly purchased G4 on my impreza STI V6 soon. I would realy like to avoid using the expension connector. I have seen on the internet that I could probably use a pin on the standard ecu connector.... Depending on my PCB revision!?

Could it be possible to know witch pin to use? I have a v1.2 PCB.

I could probably find information on the web somewhere but so far my research have not be sucessfull.


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Hi Sylvain,

Possibly you are reading the version number from the top board? As there is no version 1.2 of the Subaru 5-6 ECU. The latest PCB revision is V1.1.

The only way to connect an IAT sensor to your ECU is through the expansion connnector. This is because there is only one AN Temp channel coming out the main ECU header, and that is used for your ECT sensor.

The ECT sensor is connected to pin B136-28 on the ECU header. Here is a link to the manual for your ECU.




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