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Tacho Signal-IG3 Setting

David Frechette

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I cannot get an accurate tacho signal from the IG3 output on a LEM V5.  In programming it is set to TACHO.  The mfg of the Tacho, Speedhut states that it will accept a low level 0-12V signal, no adapters required.  I am also trying to get a tacho signal for my AFR gauge, Innovate SCG-1 for data logging and tuning purposes.   Are there any other programming options or settings in PCLink?  V5 is on a Subaru 2.5 L with dual igniters.   

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Are all the devices sharing the signal?

It might be that with all the devices connected the signal is being pulled down.

On the V5 what you see is what you get, so no other options there.

If the tacho and other devices will accept a coil negative signal you could look at triggering off one coil negative and set cylinder number to 2 on the devices.

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Thanks Simon.

They were all sharing the tacho signal on original config, then I broke them out.  The tacho bounced around and I played with REV/Cycl same operation as with AFR connected.  Then I connected both alone, tacho had same op and  the AFR alone had no signal at all through software since there is no display on the gauge for RPM.  

Im not sure what wire is the coil negative on an EJ25 but will find that out since it appears to be my only available option.  

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I am having a hard time getting information on getting a negative coil signal for my set up.  The ignition is off a 98 Subaru Legacy, coil pack, not coil on plug.  There is a 3 wire connector into the coil pack, one is 12VDC and the other two are signals from the igniter.  I can only assume that one signal wire is a negative signal for cyl 1& 2 and the other for cyl 2 & 4 since it is wasted spark.  Would i connect to both of these signal wires from the igniter to the coil for a good tach signal?  I dont know if you have access to Subaru wiring diagrams or not and i cannot get the file to upload for some odd reason.  

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