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spark loss

nick jenkins

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Hi Simon, I found the problem, when it was last tuned the turner only saved the data once on the hand held. then the battery got low 12.4V although it would wind over fine there wasn't enough in battery to kick the ingnition ect and the plugs fowled and it was all down hill from there. the battery is one of those calcium and same as sealed ones and they are a little different than a std battery, it looks like they need an alternator that puts out 14.6 plus volts to keep on top of them other wise once they start to full it only gets worse and you end up in this sinerio. can you comment on this? as I have been to the battery produces with little successe. Nick.

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Not something I have come across before. Well as far as the battery type goes.

However different battery types certainly require different charging methods. Just have no idea what is required for a calcium based one.

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