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Resistor for injectors

Dora Wieland

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Hey there,

at the moment I swap a RB26 into my R33 GTST.

I got 1200cc low imp (2.2 Ohm) Injectors.

Wiring is from a R33 GTR and the Link Plugin ECU.

As I got no original Resistor Pack, can I simply put in 6x 6.8Ohm 10 Watt Resistors?

From main plus a resistor to each power line to the injector, right?

The original Resistor Pack doesn't do anything else, right?

Want just to be sure and not to blow anything up.

Regards and thanks in advance

Kevin W.

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Hi Kevin,

For your setup I would recommend using a 50 Watt 4.7 Ohm resistor for each injector. The injector should be installed between the injector and the injector + power supply. Also the ballast resistors should be mounted on a heat-sink and preferably in the engine bay as they can get quite hot.



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Thanks for your answer.

I have done it like you suggested :)

Another little question:

My Link G4 has been sent to me from the Dealer without the adapter for connecting it to USB.

Only got the 4 pin to a round connector adapter (plugged in directly to the ecu)

As the Dealer is a Asshole in person, I need a cable from somewhere else...

Any suggestions? Or can I solder a normal USB cable to a connector that fits in the ECU ?

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