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coil proximity to ecu?

jono smith

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 hi all, i have a question....how close is too close? i've read the manual and i know it says to not mount the coils/igniters on or next to the ecu. the coils i have are inbuilt igniter type. this is about the only location i could find that would work as i really do not want them in the engine bay, i think this is the best compromise between lead length and hidden coils. just want to make sure this is workable. will this cause interferance with the ecu at this distance? also i was thinking if i made sort of a faraday cage around them that might also help reduce interferance? the leads are going straight foward, behind the heater and away from the ecu.


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Coil ground should go to the block as this will be a high current draw ground.

The PCM ground can be grounded to the ECU signal ground.

Interference will normall cause connection issues with the PC and in very bad cases trigger issues and misfires when running.

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