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Start Up Settings

Matt Holmes

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My engine is tuned fairly well but there is one glich as I start it. The motor will sputter a bit and usually shut down unless I press on the accelerator a bit. When I do this the motor will sputter less and less until after 10-20 seconds the idle smooths out and everything is fine. It acts identical to a carb motor that has been slightly flooded. It's almost as if if dumps fuel in when I turn the ignition on and then I have to clear it out by opening the throttle for a bit. I have a pre link plus G1 with a hand held controller. I suspect either my crank fuel or 100 & 105 zones are off but tinkering with them didn't seem to get me anywhere. The clmap setting is at about 35 kpa. Any ideas? Also, this might be a dumb question but do higher crank fuel numbers mean more or less fuel? RIght now mine is set to about 40. Thanks, -Matt

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When you say "I have a pre link plus G1" are you referring to the ecu being our LEM V1-5?

Can you get the software code of the ECU. You should be able to get this by holding down one of the adjust keys whilst on the RPM screen.


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OK cool you have a G1 LEM with custom outback software.

Crank fuel the smaller the number the more fuel. (Zone 18)

Prime temp can be adjusted through zone 17

and cold start up through zone 16



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