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firmware version question

john Venables-kyrke

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I've got two 44S ECU's for a 01 WRX at home, just want to know what the firmware versions are for the two.

First one has: subwrx2k 150402, slave2kc 150402, and s01wrxf code 775 written on the chips.

Second one has: subwrx2k 031202, slave2kc 031202, and s01lagwx 775 written on it.

Are there any firmware updates available for these two?

Another query, the second one of the two listed has an intermittent misfire issue, I've traced it to number 4 cylinder injector not getting a full signal from the ecu, I oscilloscoped the signal and it only showed around 7v from memory. It seems likely to be an earth problem, but the other 44S in the same car is fine, no issues so I'm not sure.

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The only difference between the two is that one is geared as a motorsport ECU and has anti-lag.

As far as controlling the injectors both should function the same.

Chances are it will be a hardware problem on the board.

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Hi John,

You can just swap the micro's over, just be careful not to damage the socket, there are special tools available that make it easier. If there's no fault with the board it could be a bad connection in the loom, maybe some contact cleaner for the injector plug and ECU plug?

There are no later updates than the ones you have i'm afraid.


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