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2JZ VVTi Wiring


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Hi guys

Just figuring out a few things with regards to wiring my 2jz motor to a silver xtreme ecu.


1. The factory ecu wiring diag says there is only one solenoid and says nothing about a sensor. Wondering if my diagram is wrong and there should be an input or thats how the 2jz is (no vvti sensor)

2. If there is a vvti sensor please let me know if only one and should be a digital hookup eg DI1 terminal etc.

3. Then hooking up to vvti solenoid is just the positive and the negative is tothe general ground for sensors ?

4. I assume from the Link wiring instructions LH and RH in reference to VVTi sensors is left hand and right hand ?

Other less important Qs

5. On my 2jz Wiring it has Throttle Pos Sensor Main and Throttle Pos Sensor Sub, whats the difference ?

6. Do i need to run an O2 sensor ?

7. Grounding sensors are all done straight to the sensor itself, grounding the ecu is done to block ? So 2 wires from both wiring looms A and B.

8. On my 2jz wiring diagram next to MAp sensor it has in brackets (to PM1), any idea what that means ?

Ok last question, what are these  and are they required for me to run the car ?

9. Accel Sensor PPS main

10. Accel Sensor PPS sub

11. AC Signal from AC Amplifier

12. Starter Signal

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Shams,

To address you questions:

1. Some early VVTi systems are on/off, so there are only two positions available and you would set up an auxiliary output as a general purpose output, and set the conditions for when you want the solenoid to switch. Here is some information I found on the 2JZ VVTi http://www.2jzgarage.com/2012/02/2jzgte-vvti-information/

2. I do not have a wiring diagram for the VVTI 2JZ engine, so am unsure on the sensor. Hopefully someone else with some experience will comment. On some toyota engines the normal cam sensor is used for VVTi

3. I would wire it up the same way as your wiring diagram shows. If the ECU is switching power to the solenoid I would earth the solenoid to the engine block or another good earth, but NOT the sensor earth.

4.Yes, you are correct.

5.The two TPS signals (Main and sub) are used to help detect if one is faulty. It works like a backup system. On cars with E-throttle the sub channels are required. However for cable driven throttles you can just use the TPS (Main) and leave TPS (sub) disconnected.

6. The ECU will run the engine without an O2 sensor, but if you are going to be tuning the engine yourself a good wideband O2 sensor will be invaluable to monitor your Air to Fuel Ratios.

7. Correct. Wire sensor earths (such as TPS, ECT, IAT, etc) to the Sensor GND pins of the ECU and the GND pins of the ECU to a good earth (like the engine block).

8. No, not sure on that sorry. If it is a normal MAP sensor and can read up to the boost levels you want it should work well.

9. and 10. The Accel sensor will not be used by the Xtreme. Not sure what these sensors are, unusual to have accelerometers on a factory system. The only thing I can think of is that they are for the SRS?

11. Possibly you will need this. It depends on how your A/C system works. The Xtreme can have an A/C request on a Digital Input and can have A/c Output on an Auxiliary Output.

12. Not required unless you have something special in mind you want to setup.



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Hi Scott

Thanks a lot for your response.

Turns out the VVTI is controller from the crank and cam sensors. So it is just an outpput solenoid that controls the vvti.
I was told to have the +ve side connected to 12+ switched supply all the time and have the -ve side going to an aux output from the ecu.

Why are some sensors earthed to the block and not others, eg AFM, crankshaft signal,

I want to run the engine check light but i was thinking it would show up any issues like if i have oil pressure and temp and if the temp gets too high etc.

Does it matter out of water and air temp which is which number ? I assume you can assign it in the ecu ? Temp 1 and Temp 2



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Hi again Shams,

Occasionally some vehicles will earth a sensor to the block, sensors like ECT or oil pressure. The vast majority of sensors are earthed directly to the ECU.

You can connect your check engine light up to a spare auxiliary channel. The check engine light will then come on if the ECU detects a fault. The ECU will detect a fault if the analogue channels go above or below the settings specified in the analogue fault settings section.

You could set the check engine light up as a GP output and specify the conditions you want the light to come on at. If three conditions are not enough you can also use the virtual auxiliary channels.

For the AN Temp channels, it does not matter which temp sensor you connect to which channel. Most people connect ECT to AN Temp 1 and IAT to AN temp 2.



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